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The Old Gits is not a commercial organisation. We don't charge anything and don't make a profit. Those on the trips simply pay their own costs but benefit from any group discounts that can be arranged.

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Paul H

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Paul H

Welcome to Paul Hs' page

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Current Bikes

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Previous Bikes

My CBF 1000F. Traded in the GS and Piaggio, the CBF does the job of both.

CBF1000F-1.jpg (1197514 bytes)

CBF1000F-2.jpg (1366102 bytes)

CBF1000F-3.jpg (1501875 bytes)

At last, got one!

At last, got one..jpg (1600850 bytes)

Goodbye Burgman  - Hello X10

Goodbye Burgman, hello X10.jpg (1440415 bytes)

BMW R1150R

Bought the Beemer so I could once again go along with the Old Gits. I just loved the look of it!!

BMR R1150r....jpg (1218399 bytes)

Suzuki Burgman 400:

Brilliant commuter. Often sneered at by "real" bikers.

Burgman 2010.JPG (1547986 bytes)

Honda CBF 1000

Paul H Honda CBF1000.JPG (953754 bytes)


Paul H BMW R850R.JPG (910413 bytes)

Honda Blackbird (EFI)

Paul H Honda Blackbird.JPG (779060 bytes)

Honda Silverwing – (600cc “scooter”)

Suzuki Burgman 400

Honda Blackbird             (Carb) Had her for 7 years then decided to try a Fazer thou

Paul H CBR1000.JPG (547198 bytes)

Fazer 1000                 Big mistake, missed the smooth power of the BB.

Paul H Fazer.JPG (196762 bytes)

BMW K1                     Lovely bike respayed bright metallic Blue & yellow !!

Paul H BMW K1.JPG (123892 bytes)

BMW K100RS                 Very BMWish.

Paul H BMW K100RS.JPG (94707 bytes)

BMW R100RS                  Had 2 of them.  Loved the styling

Paul H BMW R100RS.JPG (182849 bytes)

BMW R100/7                Liked the concept of a simple Teutonic workhorse.

Paul H BMW R100.JPG (106482 bytes)

MotoGuzzi Le Mans 3     What a stunning bike in black & gold, but felt like it had solid tyres & no       suspension.

Paul H Moto Guzzi Le Mans.JPG (79302 bytes)

Ducati 998                  Lovely looking old Duke. ( Italian equivalent of the R100/7 above)

Suzuki GT500               Extremely quick ( for it's time) 2 stroker/smoker. Solely responsible for the great fog of London some years ago !

Honda 200 Benly             Reminded me of the original Benlys from days gone by..

Assorted 250/300 MZs    In the days when they were German made & went on forever.( and I didn't have a lot of cash)

Assorted Vespas & Lambrettas   From my youth, when 15hp was considered the d***s    b*ll***s

Personal Information

Married with grown up 2 married daughters and now a grandfather who still who loves riding bikes & the camaraderie that goes with it.

Indeed my membership of the Old Gits started after Alan Mc. saw my K1 for sale. The rest as they say is history.          

Paul H Merchandising .......

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Available for a very reasonable price via Cliff C