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The Old Gits is not a commercial organisation. We don't charge anything and don't make a profit. Those on the trips simply pay their own costs but benefit from any group discounts that can be arranged.

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How it works

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Organisation and planning

The organisation and planning for the trip is all done centrally. The hotels, ferry crossings or any other requirements are booked by David Mc on behalf of the whole group. The bills are split equally across those on the trip and an individual travel itinerary is issued to each person prior to the trip.

The hotels tend to be in the 3 or 4 star categories and all rooms are single occupancy (unless requested otherwise). Hotels booked always include parking for the bikes, often secured, a bar, a restaurant and are sited close enough to alternative bars and restaurants as to be within walking distance.

Travel to, from and whilst there

There are no set routes, groups or destinations. Everyone makes their own choice as to how, when and with whom they travel. The trip does not involve large group ride outs, clogging up the local roads travelling at the speed of the slowest person, with "road captains" directing traffic, as this would not be fun for us and would be incredibly inconsiderate for all other road users.

There are no "guided tours" and no tour rep with an umbrella showing the local tourist locations.

Everyone just rides the roads they want to and visits the locations they want to go to. Often there are others with the same plans so small groups organically form for specific runs/days but then dissolve again after that run/day. We use the MyRouteApp tool to share routes with each other for those who want to ride with a small group.

Meals and drinks

Generally, all hotels are booked for Bed and Breakfast. The breakfast tables are often where plans for the day ahead are made and groups are formed. The where, when and what of other meals and/or drinks are decided at the time. The numbers involved in a trip can make it difficult to get everyone in the same place at the same time with a choice of food that would satisfy all, so smaller groups tend to form. No one is obliged to go anywhere, eat anything or socialise with anyone they don't want to.

Being an Old Git

While the Old Gits originally started as a small group who knew each other, each trip now introduces new people who, prior to the trip, have never met any of the Old Gits. Many of those who simply signed up to a trip, not knowing anyone, have now become trip regulars, returning each year, and, more importantly, have also become good friends.

The Old Gits range in age from mid 30's (so you don't have to be old to be an Old Git!!) to late 70's. Bike styles range from supersports bikes to large tourers to cruisers. Basically, there is no definition of "the right age" or "the right bike" for an Old Gits trip. (Though many a trip evening will be spent at the bar discussing the options for "the right bike".)


The best way to sum up an Old Gits trip is that it's up to you! The location, accommodation and any ferries etc. are booked for you but beyond that, you do what you want. That allows every Old Git the freedom to ride their bike on the roads they want to ride on, as far as they want to ride and at a pace they want to ride at. But, it also offers the opportunity to share the holiday experience with a group who have the same interest, speak the same language and are there for the same purpose.

Want to join us?

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